Health from nature s.r.o.
VATID: CZ06671683
IČO: 06671683
Mr Stipa Vulic
Vondroušova 1186 / 33
16300 Praha
Czech Republic

Health from Nature or “HFN” is a young company that that works with experts with many years of experience in the work on research and plant quality preparations, plants themselves and their mutual interaction.

Our goal is to help  

Given our experience and knowledge we decided further study will all bring it closer to our clients and help with various problems.
That is how “H F N” was created.

We listen to your needs and create the most effective products

Most of you were interested in the joint action of different plants and their preparations. 
With that approach, we have discovered countless combinations with different actions, turning the most effective combinations into the product.

We opened the webshop

With the participation of the  fair in Prague, a large number of people were interested in oils from our product range which has given us an even stronger incentive to appear at food fairs and healthy living, and to open this webshop.

Only nature

Our products are not tested on animals, they are organic origin, ecologically are grown and contain only unprocessed ingredients.

Our Misson

We hope to make our work and products easier for the people and prevent the emergence of new problems. Also please all our clients to contact us with the comments and results of using our products.
Nature Heals!